Program Offerings

Elwood Staffing's customizable workforce tools and programs—intelligent solutions that maximize staffing efficiency.

We provide more than just better people; we provide better workforce management solutions. Supported by productivity-enhancing technologies, we design programs tailored to meet our clients' business objectives, based on a clear understanding of their cultures, needs, and goals.

Managed Service Provider Solution

Management of all contingent staffing and supplier partner activities.

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Strategic Sales and Account Support Team

Customized service delivery models for clients with complex staffing needs.

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Automated timekeeping solutions developed exclusively for contingent workforces.

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On-site Partnership Program

On-site coordination of temporary staffing requirements and workforce management responsibilities.

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Associate Engagement

Increase employee enthusiasm through positive work environment changes.

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Workforce Analysis

Captures critical workforce information that lays the foundation for program customization and success.

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Electronic Invoices & Payments

Electronic solutions offering rapid service, convenience, and security.

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